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Six cheers for Madame Flag Raiser!

Of all the guests attending an incredible patriotic celebration held by the 8th Maine Infantry Regiment in early 1864, the greatest and loudest acclaim went to the general’s lady who started running an American flag up a 100-foot flagpole. Commanded by Col. John D. Rust, the 8th Maine spent winter 1864 on Port Royal Island […]

The mud and muck of Pulaski, Part I

Just like the graffiti character “Kilroy,” Mainers were everywhere during the Civil War, despite the modern belief that the Pine Tree State boys showed up only at Gettysburg. First Manassas? Check (Hiram Berry, Charles Tilden, and a few thousand etceteras more). Shiloh? Check (Comanche fighter Stephen Decatur Carpenter and a Maine youngster captured in Confederate […]