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26th Maine: “The men were worthy of their officers”

When the War Department authorized Maine to raise several nine-month regiments in late summer 1862, the 26th Maine Infantry Regiment coalesced around 10 companies recruited in specific counties. Jasper N. Gray, a 27-year-old Ellsworth mechanic, recruited exclusively in Ellsworth in Hancock County, hence the nickname “Ellsworth company” given to what became Co. C, 26th Maine […]

The Girls of Company A

At 5-10¼, the hard-bitten Capt. Charles Baker tolerated no foolishness while “inspecting and telling off his men” at their Belfast camp on Saturday evening, April 30, 1864. A day earlier he had received “an unexpected order to report to the seat of war” (Washington, D.C.) with Company A, “Coast Guards Infantry” — and be darn […]

Local police chased criminal soldiers running amok in Bangor

Criminals camouflaged as soldiers briefly ran amok in Bangor in late summer 1862. Volunteers and draftees started reporting to Camp John Pope in early September. After forming at the camp, the 18th Maine Infantry Regiment had mustered into federal service on August 21, 1862. Local residents had enjoyed a good relationship with the soldiers. Not […]