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Civil War Weekend slated at Fort Knox

Join Maine at War as we travel back in time to the 1860s as Fort Knox State Park hosts a Civil War Weekend Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 23. Fort Knox is located on Route 174 in Prospect. The two-day event will feature living history demonstrations of Civil War life, including camp life, cannon […]

The Civil War monument that Maine forgot

Civil War buffs living in Maine know that Gettysburg’s the nearest battlefield, with Antietam a close second distance-wise. Both are 10 to 13 hours away by road, depending on who’s driving and how traffic-plugged are I-495, the Mass Pike, and I-84 (in Connecticut and Pennsylvania). Are there bonafide Civil War-related sites we can visit in […]

Belfast builds better batteries

After Confederates cut out the Revenue Service cutter Caleb Cushing from Portland Harbor in late June 1863, panicked Maine politicians envisioned will ’o the wisp Southern sea raiders capturing merchant ships and sacking towns all along the coast. If the Johnnies could float undetected past Portland’s stout defenses, what chances had undefended Rockland, Belfast, Castine, […]

A tale of two forts

Two Civil War-era forts in Maine and Georgia share some design features, but their construction materials differ considerably. Fort Knox on the Penobscot River and Fort Pulaski on the Savannah River were built to keep enemy warships from reaching upriver ports. Garrisoned from 1863 to 1866 and again during the Spanish-American War, Knox never faced […]