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Efforts are under way to preserve a 5th Maine Battery site at Gettysburg

If American Battlefield Trust fund-raising efforts succeed, the late (and great) 5th Maine Battery gunners could return to Gettysburg and recognize the terrain across which they maneuvered late on Wednesday, July 1, 1863. The ABT wants to buy the four acres and buildings affiliated with the Battlefield Military Museum, located at 900 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg. […]

Gettysburg visitors can check out a “witness” ironworks

You’ve heard of a “witness tree.” For people visiting Gettysburg National Military Park, there’s also a “witness furnace,” an ironworks located down Route 15 near Thurmont, Maryland. It’s Catoctin Furnace, preserved by Cunningham Falls State Park and easily accessible from Route 15. Perhaps all of I Corps passed the ironworks on Monday, June 29, 1863, […]

Artillery back story at Gettysburg, part 4, all hell breaks loose at the seminary

As his North Carolina brigade emerged from McPherson’s Woods outside Gettysburg and started down the swale separating McPherson’s from the Lutheran seminary, all hell broke loose. Opposite on the seminary campus stood a 10-gun Union artillery line, comprising the six bronze Napoleons of Capt. Greenlief T. Stevens and the 5th Maine Battery and the four […]

Artillery back story at Gettysburg, part 3, the cannons stand five yards apart

An artillery officer since joining the 1st New York Light Artillery in October 1861, Col. Charles P. Wainwright knew a fight when he heard it — and “at about 10:30 a.m.,” Wednesday, July 1, he heard a big one. Some two hours earlier on this warm day, Wainwright and his Artillery Brigade had left their […]

Artillery back story at Gettysburg: part 2, the view from the seminary

“Location, location, location” (and Union Col. Charles S. Wainwright, plus a Confederate general) brought Capt. Greenlief T. Stevens and the 5th Maine Battery to the Gettysburg Theological Seminary campus in late morning on Wednesday, July 1, 1863. Located on a slight rise not much taller than a wicked big Maine frost heave (we love the […]

Artillery back story at Gettysburg, part 1

An oxidized cannon and a granite stone have a story to tell. Mainers visiting Gettysburg National Military Park naturally drift to its Maine monuments, usually starting with the 20th Maine Infantry’s modest gray monument on Little Round Top. There are many others,including two monuments to the 5th Maine Battery. So back to that oxidized cannon […]