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Gardiner on the Kennebec provided recruits for Co. I

Veterans who had endured Port Hudson’s hell patiently listened as two politicians — one a minister just as long-winded as any elected Maine official — welcomed the weary warriors home. Then they finally got to eat. And a local newspaper reporter criticized their perceived (and collective) lack of appetite. Commanded by Col. George Marston Atwood, […]

Free chowder and summer sun lured thousands to Fort Popham in 1862

Bad wartime news could not stop a shindig held in Phippsburg on Friday, August 29, 1862. Second Manassas raged in northern Virginia as people converged on “the mouth of the Kennebec river, on the spot anciently called the peninsula of Sabino” to observe “the 255th anniversary of the planting, by Sir George Popham and his […]

Reign of terror off Nova Scotia, part 1

Men — lots of them — likely lined the ship’s rails as the schooner Sarah B. Harris sailed into Portland Harbor on Thursday, August 18, 1864. Aboard the crowded schooner, Capt. Delano probably chatted with his unexpected guests, particularly other merchant skippers who had quite the tale to tell. They had survived (but not so […]