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Politicians’ anti-war resolutions angered returning Port Hudson veterans, part 2

As a Boston & Maine Railroad train carried the 21st Maine Infantry Regiment toward home on Friday, August 7, 1863, Col. Elijah D. Johnson and his surviving officers read the resolutions passed two days earlier during the Democratic State Convention held in Portland. History does not record who read the resolutions aloud on that rattling […]

The Maine connections with Grierson’s Raid, part 1

The most successful cavalry raid conducted by North or South until the war’s closing months, the May 1863 expedition known as Grierson’s Raid saw two Union cavalry regiments and an artillery battery cut some 500 miles through interior Confederate-held Mississippi. Commanded by Col. Benjamin H. Grierson, the raiders tore up vital infrastructure and ran Confederate […]

Kentucky state park recalls Confederate folly and Grant’s first battle

Civil War buffs think “Perryville” when they think “Kentucky,” but overlooking the Mississippi River on the state’s western border is a place closely affiliated with Ulysses S. Grant and a Confederate general who hurled the Bluegrass State squarely into Abraham Lincoln’s arms. The place is Columbus-Belmont State Park, taking its name from Columbus in Kentucky […]