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New novel brings the Gettysburg retreat to life

With his historical novel Leaving Gettysburg (Casemate Publishers, 2022), author Curtis Crockett has written a compelling account about individual Confederates and Yankees participating in a long-overlooked aspect of the Gettysburg campaign: the July 4-14 Southern retreat and Northern pursuit to the flooded Potomac River. As Leaving Gettysburg opens, Pvt. Asa Helms of the 26th North […]

Maine soldiers had little time to enjoy historic Williamsport in Maryland

WILLIAMSPORT, Md. — Located just off traffic-plagued Interstate-81, this historic and lovely town on the Potomac River has multiple Civil War connections with Maine. Just for that reason alone, Williamsport would be worth the visit — and the sites encountered along the C&O Canal Towpath and the downtown shops only add to the experience. Many […]

Horsemen in the Shenandoah: Part IV — “Where [in heck] was the Maine Cavalry?”

  Shattered by the Confederate ambush known as the “Middletown Disaster,” surviving Maine and Vermont cavalrymen fled into the descending Shenandoah Valley darkness on Saturday, May 24, 1862. As his soldiers gathered prisoners on the body-plugged Valley Pike, Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson had greater prey in mind; rather than chase the fleeing cavalrymen, he headed […]